Achieving your goal, step by step

It starts with your idea, which requires the ideal legal form in order to be realized – we’ll perform a requirements analysis together to find the best form.

What are your long-term plans in terms of organization?

What are your future goals and perspectives?

What kind of activities would you like to support?

Putting your information and wishes into practice, a corporation that will be able to continuously implement your objectives will be developed, step by step.

This could be:

  • Civil activities in your region – or on an international scale
  • Intensive fundraising marketing or a small pro-active association
  • An association which combines various interests and provides a structure
  • A foundation which preserves assets/wealth
  • Your existing organization gets a “facelift”

The following legal areas and questions are my everyday practice:

  • Legal form of associations: registered and non-registered associations
  • Setting up and registering associations
  • Creation of articles of association and regulations
  • Organization of associations: responsibilities and powers of the association organs
  • Organization/leading of general meetings
  • On-site consulting/guidance of general meetings
  • Members’ rights: contributions, voting laws
  • Sanctions against associations: warnings, suspension, dissolution and liquidation
  • Association labor law
  • Liability law: directors’ and officers’ liability for paid or voluntary work
  • Creation of foundations: legal act of foundation, legitimation, foundation charter & goals
  • Dissolution and termination of foundations, management of remaining assets
  • Non-profit status: donation law, reserves
  • Mediation between conflicting parties