Christiane-Beate Paetsch-Friese

Lawyer with specialization in associations and foundations

No European country has more associations than Germany: Half (or 50%) of all Germans are members of an association.

Associations could easily be designated the largest movement of German civil society.

Since 1993 I have exclusively served the associations and foundations sector, with a strong emphasis on non-profit, i.e. non-profit corporate entities such as associations, foundations and gGmbHs. On the basis of my own practical experience, I also provide consulting to professional associations and advise companies and families who are interested in creating their own foundation.

My range of consulting services includes:

  • Selecting a legal form (association, foundation, gGmbH),
  • Changes to the legal form/structure (re-structuring, consolidation, fusion),
  • Non-profit law (taxation of associations, foundation tax law, donation law) & organizational law (creation of articles of association and regulations),
  • Liability risks for paid and voluntary work as well as Corporate Compliance,
  • Association management & marketing

Due to my distinct specialization in providing consulting for legal and organizational matters which pertain to associations and foundations, I offer my consulting services throughout Germany.

Non-German clients benefit from my correspondence language (English), as well as contact to interpreters, should multilingual arrangements be required.